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Weight Loss

We appreciate that weight loss isn't easy. There could be a number of different reasons why traditional diets have not produced the results you wanted, such as low energy, lack of will power or simply just your genetics. However, give us a chance and we will help you lose weight fast and easily. Our tried and tested, non-invasive system means that you will slim down to your ideal weight and keep that weight off in the future.

Alevere therapy is a fast, reliable weight loss programme that is supervised by our medical team. Not only will we get you down to your ideal weight, we'll make sure you suffer no unsightly or excessive skin folds due to losing lbs so quickly, as well as give you the key to stopping yourself from regaining any excess weight in the future.

There are four separate features of Alevere, which combine to give you a slimmer figure, firmer skin and a huge boost to your physical health and confidence.

1. Your nutrition will be controlled in such a way that you will lose weight, but won't feel hungry or weak.

2. You will receive ultrasound treatment to break down resistant pockets of fat.

3. You will receive connective tissue massage, which will speed up your metabolism.

4. Your weight will be stabilised and you will receive thorough guidance on how to maintain your ideal weight.

This non-invasive treatment is pain free and effective and you will begin to see results almost straight away. Although the diet consists of mainly protein and vegetables initially, before other food groups are included, the meals will fill you up and you shouldn't have any food cravings that might jeopardise the process.

The ultrasound causes no discomfort, but it will improve the elasticity of your skin. You will emerge from the Alevere system leaner and rejuvenated.

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Anti Ageing

Using non-invasive techniques, that don't even require chemicals, we will add firmness and density to your skin. We will repair the signs of ageing and rejuvenate your physical appearance.

Are there some parts of your body that you wish you could change?

We can help you with all of this and bring back firmness to your skin at the same time.

The LPG machine we use will provide a pain free massage that will effectively give you a face lift, without you having to even consider surgery. Using this completely natural technique we will make you look younger and, in doing so, boost your confidence!

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Body Contouring

Your body shape will benefit from our revolutionary contouring system. Using an LPG machine to deep massage cellulite, loose skin and excess fat, we can stretch your skin into a more desirable shape. Amongst other areas, we treat hips, thighs, buttocks and saddlebags.

Ever wanted a perfect silhouette? We can certainly help. Let us resculpt problem areas for you. You'll be amazed by the results.

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Welcome to Tempo Medical Alevere Brighton - Weight Loss​,Skin Healing/Rejuvenation​ & Body Contouring Clinic

Whether you need to get down to your ideal weight fast, rejuvenate your skin using non-invasive techniques or make your body shape be the most appealing it can be, our professional team of experts can help. Our medically supervised treatments are designed to help you lose inches, smooth your skin, contour your figure and heavily reduce the effects of ageing. We can help you to become the best version of you.

“Within a week on the diet my asthma had disappeared, I no longer needed my inhaler, and my eczema was receding fast, today that too has vanished. I hit my target weight of 69 kg in 15 weeks!..”

- Fred G

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