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We hope to have answered most of your questions here but please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know.

What is Alevere Therapy?

It’s a revolutionary, medically supervised weight loss program which combines a controlled diet with skin-tightening ultrasound therapy. It is a safe, fast method to lose weight. The ongoing support provided by your professional therapists means you’re not likely to regain the weight you lose.

How does it work?

After a metabolic assessment with our doctor, you will be put on a controlled, nutritious diet, consisting of protein heavy foods, which will cause rapid weight loss. As excess skin is characteristic of losing weight fast, a body-contouring tool is used to tighten up any saggy skin areas and reduce unsightly, localised bulges. After just a few weeks on Alevere not only will you be down to your target weight, but your figure will be slender, toned, tightened and rejuvenated.

How much weight will I lose?

We would expect you to lose 1 to 2 stone per month, subject to your metabolic rate. Your body shape will be transformed.

Will I be hungry?

The food you will be eating will be full of natural vegetables and protein. You won’t be hungry and you won’t have any food cravings.

Does the diet cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes, the diet is suitable for vegetarians and customers who are lactose intolerant.

Why do I need the ultrasound treatment?

The body contouring treatment is designed to break down resistant areas of fat; fat that can’t be shifted through diet and exercise. It also tightens your skin.

How do I keep the weight off once the therapy has ended?

Our team will stabilise your weight once you have reached your target and then provide advice on how to maintain it. They will support you for as long as you need it.

How often will I see you?

You will see our doctor regularly for blood tests and health checks. You will visit our highly qualified therapists weekly to receive your treatments.

How can I find out more about Alevere?

You can find out more by giving us a call or dropping into our clinic. We’d be happy to have an informal chat about what’s involved.

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