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Aching Joints

Aching Joints

Excessive weight isn’t just a strain on the important organs such as the liver, lungs and heart, but also on your joints. Aching joints can be alleviated through weight loss and Alevere therapy is one the fastest, safest and easiest ways to lose weight. Sore knees, swollen ankles and back strain can all be dramatically reduced when you act to remove the pressure upon them.

Traditional diets which involve increasing your fitness level and performing more exercise are not always suitable for people with mobility problems or joint pain. The Alevere method does not necessarily involve more exercise. Our team of medical experts will provide you with a nutritionally controlled diet, as well as Med contour ultrasound treatments, which is a natural non-invasive way to tighten excess skin caused by rapid weight loss and remove excess fat pockets. Your figure won’t just be thinner, it will be fabulous!

  • Alevere is a non surgical weight loss program with a 90% success rate that does not rely on you increasing the amount you exercise.
  • Med contour body contouring treatment will firm up and smooth skin as well as reduce unsightly bulges.
  • Tempo Medical uses a combination of these treatments in order to restore you to the most perfect version of yourself.
  • You could lose a stone and relieve some of the pressure on your aching joints in just one month.
  • Increase your circulation, improve your skin and lose whole stones. Aching joints will be a thing of the past.

How long before I notice a difference in my weight?

Within a week, you’ll be losing lbs thanks to the strict diet you’ll be following, which has been designed to encourage rapid weight loss. We aim to help you lose between 1 and 2 stones a month.

Will I be hungry when I’m on the diet?

You will not be hungry and you won’t have any food cravings either. The diet is nutritionally balanced and protein heavy to ensure you’re full.

How long will it take to relieve my aching joints?

As soon as you start losing weight, you should feel a difference. We also offer Endermologie lipo massage treatments which alleviate aches.

How does it work?

Drop in or give us a call to arrange your initial assessment and we’ll be able to explain the whole process in more detail, as well as answer any questions you might have.

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