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Belly Fat

Belly Fat

Belly fat is difficult to shift. Whether the cause of it is having children, changes in your weight or simply the ageing process, this is a stubborn pocket of fat that doesn’t necessarily respond well to dieting or an increase in exercise.

The best proven method of eliminating it is with Endermologie’s lipo massage therapy (LPG). This is a deep tissue massage treatment which smoothes unwanted bulges, whilst firming and rejuvenating the skin. It can leave your stomach leaner, firmer and smoother after just one session.

Our friendly and highly qualified team of therapists will simply move the rollers of the treatment head along your skin in order for it to work and help with fat loss, fat removal and skin tightening. Your cells will be stimulated into producing firmer, tighter skin. You’ll be amazed by the difference a few sessions of LPG can make to your figure, especially if you’ve spent any amount of time unsuccessfully trying to reduce stomach fat through a lower calorie intake.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a safe, quick, non-invasive tummy tuck with no surgery, scars, pain or stress.
  • Get a guaranteed flatter stomach without exerting yourself.
  • LPG therapy flushes toxins from your skin and aids natural fat release.
  • Ideal for women who have had c-sections.

How many treatments will I need before I have a noticeably flatter stomach?

You should notice a slight difference after just one session, but for maximum effect we recommend 10 sessions.

Is there anything I need to do before the treatment begins?

You can help make the treatment more effective by drinking lots of water beforehand.

Will I be able to eat normally?

Yes, you can eat normally.

Is the treatment painful?

No. This is a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable treatment.

How do I find out more?

Please give our team of professional therapists a call. They will happily guide you through the procedure.

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