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Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings

The fat that gathers at the top of your arms is unsightly, hard to shift and can affect your body confidence, not to mention your wardrobe choices. Endermologie’s lipo massage treatment is great for reducing the fat build up to give you toned, firm arms with no excess skin.

The treatment works by rolling the LPG head over the sagging skin underneath your upper arms. Collagen and elastin, essential for tightening skin will be stimulated, stubborn fat stores will be released and you’ll leave the clinic with visibly more toned upper arms. Our qualified therapists will be able to help restore your arms to their former glory.

  • Endermologie’s lipo massage turns bingo wings into toned and slender upper arms.
  • Unsightly saggy skin is greatly reduced through the massage effects of the LPG tool.
  • Start planning your holiday wardrobe now, because you can expect to wear short sleeves with confidence.

The skin under my arms is quite sensitive. Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment isn’t painful. You’ll be quite comfortable and relaxed.

How long will it take?

Session times vary depending on your individual needs. You’ll discuss our treatments and sessions when you either give us a call, or come in for your initial consultation.

Does it definitely work?

We can appreciate that you may have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to shift the fat in your upper arms through either diet, exercise or a combination. However, we see impressive results every day. Have a look at our reviews and case studies to hear what our customers say about our treatments.

Where can I find you?

We’re based in Brighton. We have many customers who travel a long way to find us, because they know they are guaranteed fast, safe results and the support of an expert team.

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