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High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

Many customers turn to Alevere therapy when they realise they have high cholesterol. This is because most of them understand the potential consequences of this serious health condition; that it narrows the arteries, leads to strokes, heart attacks and can even cause other diseases. What many of them don’t know however, is how to change their eating habits to lose weight, improve their health and ultimately lower their cholesterol.

Our Tempo Medical clinic has been helping people lower their cholesterol through controlled nutrition techniques and diet maintenance for a number of years. The treatment has a 90% success rate and we’re not just talking about supporting you in losing a few Ibs. We’re talking about helping you get to your ideal weight and keeping the excess from coming back. In order to stay healthy, you need to keep your cholesterol low and we can show you how to do that fast, safely and effectively.

  • Alevere is a revolutionary way to lose weight and consequently lower your cholesterol.
  • State of the art Med contour tools are used to further refine your figure, tighten excess skin and increase your body confidence. We aim to provide you with a body to make you proud.
  • We give you the support and knowledge you need to maintain a low cholesterol level and prevent you from having to see your doctor so regularly.

Will the diet make me hungry?

No, the diet is very rich in protein to prevent you from being hungry and wanting to snack. You won’t have food cravings either.

How much weight will I lose?

You may lose up to 2 stones a month.

How long will it take to lower my cholesterol?

By losing just 10lb you can significantly lower your cholesterol.

Can you tell me more?

Of course! Please get in touch with our team who will tell you everything you need to know about lowering your cholesterol the Alevere way.

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