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“My experience with Alevere has been a truly good one. I have been on this journey since October and although it hasn’t always been easy, I have had so much support from all the staff and I feel that they are all rooting for me. There is empathy and plenty of good advice and the treatments are first class. There is only 3 stone left to go before I am where I want to be and I have travelled two thirds of the way there. I just know that when I come to the end of it all, I will be alright and the Alevere staff will continue to support me for as long as I feel I need.”

Linda, the patient is with a type 2 diabetes, and while on the programme she lost 4st, dropping not only dress sizes but also half of her medication.

- Linda (Lost 4st)

“Guess what? I range between 69.6 and 70 kg, not bad from 99.8 Huh? Haven’t put on an gram actually lost a little bit more.

I was getting really fat 5’7” and 99.8 kg. 56 years old. Serious Asthmatic and riddled with eczema. Almost type two Diabetic with really high bad cholesterol. I began to hate myself, couldn’t tie my shoes very easily, joints ached; basically I was a mess. My confidence was at an all time low. I often wondered how I had let it come to this.

I found Alevere Brighton and enrolled. What a fantastic experience! The support, empathy and knowledge the whole team at Alevere gave me was outstanding. These guys know everything there is to know about weight loss and will gently shepherd you along.

Within a week on the diet my asthma had disappeared, I no longer needed my inhaler, and my eczema was receding fast, today that too has vanished. I hit my target weight of 69 kg in 15 weeks!

Don’t expect the diet to be easy, especially in the early stages, but nothing ventured nothing gained. As the weight drops off your determination will increase. I actually enjoyed the diet, try the bacon omelette with a pinch of oregano… It is delicious!

Don’t think of this as a diet… It is A Life Change. My life has changed in so many ways, I can even sprint now, up on my toes. I feel fantastic and I have the blood pressure of an 18 year old. My good cholesterol has doubled and bad halved! My blood sugar is fantastic.

And guess what? Nearly 5 months after hitting my target weight I haven’t put on an ounce!

Thank you so very much Alevere Brighton.”

Fred - lost 5st and before Alevere suffering from Asthma and eczema.

- Fred (Lost 5st)

My experience of the Alevere program has been great!  The plan is easy to follow with lots of options, I never felt hungry and enjoyed the quick and good results.  It has definitely helped me to feel healthy again and happy with my shape.  

- Alison Murrie

I made the decision to get fit for my retirement and wanted to lose at least six stones. I found the diet and treatments at first very challenging as the regime is strict but when I started to see the pretty amazing weight loss it made me even more determined to continue. Over the months I have found that my outlook to food and alcohol has changed dramatically, I now know how much I overate and drank in my previous life! Never again; as now I like the way I feel, my health has improved dramatically and it is so nice to hear from friends and associates telling me how good I look!

Thank you Alevere for changing my life for the better, my Doctor says I have very likely added 20 years to my life!

- Ian Booth
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